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Saturday, 13 January 2018

Crochet baby boy dress

Baby boy dress

Hello every one im sharing here very easy pattern for baby boy it can be made for baby girl too..
easy and beginner level
for 12 month old baby..
Cardigan length 13 inches
Width 9.5 inches
Pant length 14 inches
Width 10 inches
Acrylic 3ply yarn 450 gram
4mm hook
Sewing needle
Pant elastic

Chain ch
Stitch st
Slip sl
Skip sk
Double crochet dc
Half double crochet hdc
Repeat rep
Decrease dcr ( 1dc but dont draw through rep 1dc and draw through together)

 To begin ch 68+2
Row1: 1dc into 4th chain,1dc in each
Row2: 1dc in each next 12, in next (1dc,ch1,1dc) into same, 1dc  in each of next 8, in next (1dc,ch1,1dc) into same, 1dc into each of next 24,in next (1dc,ch1,1dc) into same, 1dc in each of 8,in next (1dc,ch1,1dc) into same, 1dc in each remaining sts
Row3 to 13: ch3,*1dc into each ch of previous dc post, in ch1 space (dc1,ch1,dc1),*
Row14: here is time to seperate sleeves...
Ch3, 1dc in each dc post,when comes to ch sp 1dc in to ch sp, skip all sts between ch1 sp to another ch1 sp sl st into next ch1 sp. All skiped sts are going to be sleeve. Continue with dc in each to the ch1 sp and rep the process for next sleeve....   we will work on them later
We are working front and back together..
Row15 to 36: ch3,*sk1,1dc in next,sk1,3dc in next*

Ok its time to working on sleeves insert hook in to the bottom of arm hole
Row1 to 3: ch3,*1dc in each sl st to join.. (total 37)
Row4: ch3,1dc in each, dcr1 in the last, sl st and join (total 36)
Row5: ch3, 1dc in each, dcr1 in the last, sl st to join (total 35)
Row6 to 11: ch3, 1dc in each, sl st to join
Row12 to 18: ch3,*sk1,1dc in next,sk1,3dc in next*
Row19: ch2, 1hdc in each, sl st to join
Row 20: ch2, dcr1, 1dc in each, in the last dcr1, sl st and join (total 33)
Row 21: rep row 20 (total 31)
Row22: edging
( rep same way to make second sleeve)

Insert hook attach yarn on the top, very first stitch of cardigan..
Row1 to 7: ch3, 1dc in each.. tie of cut the yarn
Fold on the down side and sew corner of the collar on the front, with needle..

At the last complete all borders with edging row...

Ch3, *sk1,sl into next,sk1, 3dc into next* rep


To begin Ch116
Row1: 1dc into 4th ch, 1dc in each.. sl st into beg ch and join (total 114)
Row2: ch3, 1dc in each across..rep
20 rows of 1dc in each
Now we are going to work on the legs, we will work one leg at a time.. 
Row21: ch3, 1dc in each next 56 , ch3 will be counted as 1dc.. sl st into beg ch.. ( total 57)
Row22: ch3, 1dc in eah across
Row23: ch3, dcr1 ,1dc each, in the end of dcr1, sl st to join (total 55)
Row24: rep row 23.. (total 53)
Row25: rep row 23.. (total 51)
Row26 to 40: ch3,1dc each, sl st to join
Row41: ch3, dcr1, 1dc in each dcr1 in the last, sl st to join (total 49)
Row42: ch3, dcr2, 1dc each, dcr2 in the last, sl st to join (total 45)
Row43:border edging
Here we have done one leg, for second leg attach yarm into 1st unworked stitches and rep the same rows as you made one leg
Stitch the hole with needle..
Attach elastic on the top of the pant

Thanks for coming here give your feed back in the comment box... it would be pleasure for me to see ur comments about my post.. thanks..

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